Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blog 10: Natl.Mus Mexican art Blogs

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At the national museum of Mexican art, the museum have the special collection of the Day of the Dead. Most of that collection are paintings about the dead. I am especially interested about that Mexicans use symbols and  special material to represent the dead. As we all know, to go to the grave is always sad, but some of the painting is actually shows that Mexicans sing and dance in that holiday.

#12 AIC Webhunt Blogs

Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler
I think the AIC website is 4. The best part of the website is the organization. I can clearly search the information I need. The website have the photocopy of every single artwork they have, and they put them in different styles. I chose the Picasso's painting in my collection. That work is a typical cubism art work. It located in the modernist area. I can also search the artwork by the artist. I see that the art institution have plenty of artwork worldwide.