Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cultural Center

Tom Denlinger: Ekstatic Edgewater (Photo credit: Tom Denlinger, Elmdale 19, 2016. Courtesy of the artist)We went to the Chicago Culture Center some day. The building was originally designed as a library. It contains two domes with glass. The Spectacular Vernacular used the simple items in our life as a present of art. displaying them as a art instead what we see before.The Ektstatic Edgewater is the most interesting art displayed for me. It is showed on the right side. I think it is made with iron and cut some pieces off the board to make it an art. The 3,400 pillows is a project about the immigrates. It is a ongoing project. They are trying to make that much of pillows as a symbol of the protection of immigrates. 

toolkit images

The first one is created by the shape. I use different tones to show the difference. It also shows that the shape can be switched. and show different emotions. 

The second one is created by line. I realized that if I can make the line grow huge and it became a shape. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Water Taxi & Chicago Architecture

During the Water Taxi trip, The most remarkable architecture is the 333 west Wacker. It's shaped like a sector. The two colored windows reflect the river, the buildings, and the sky. By looking at it, people can imagine the whole Chicago.

Through the trip, I was amazed by different architecture styles, and they are all in the loop. Since the foundation of Chicago, architects using all the techniques to build buildings here. It is well known that the mid-US is ugly because it is flat everywhere. However, the architectures in Chicago did show the people around the world that Art exist everywhere.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

favorite color

My favorite color is black and white. It is because the color is so simple that sometimes they cannot be understand clearly. The mixture of them create a mystery, like my visual project #2. These two color contract against each other but also connect with each other. Additionally, white paint is nothing while black paint is mix of all three colors. Guernica is an example of the white and black painting.
Image result for black and white paintings

Image result for paintingWhen I scan though the web for the painting. This painting grabs my attention. The mixture of colors create an amazing visual effect. The center  is not in the center of the painting instead it is in the left side of the center. The color around the point is followed the similar pattern, while the left bottom yellow stands out.